Tips to make a good web design structure:

Here at Xpirt Design, we decided to give designers a few tips on making a web design structure in order to have a good flow and feel of the website. We follow these guidelines as much as possible and we are confident that if you follow these guidelines as well, you will see faster website load times, a better overall look and feel of the website, and a search engine friendly web design. Feel free to comment on this post with your ideas and suggestions. orange county web design

Web Design Text and Content

  • Make sure the backgrounds don’t interrupt any of the text you want people to read.
  • Be sure to allow the font size to be large enough for people to read, but not enormously large.
  • Make sure to convey which information is most important in a heirarchy.
  • Separate large paragraphs into smaller, easier to read paragraphs. Large paragraphs sway people away from reading the content.



  • The navigation buttons must be easy to find and use. Try to make all navigation buttons consistent in the web design and structure throughout the website.
  • If possible, allow the visitor to know where they are at all times either by using titles, or depressed navigation buttons.
  • If possible, avoid frames at all costs. Search engines have trouble crawling content within frames and therefore is bad for search engine optimization.
  • Always include a sitemap in either .html or .xml format. Search engines use these to easily navigate and crawl through a site.



  • Try to make all link colors coordinate with the website colors.
  • Either make links in the content underlined, a different color, or bold so they stand out to the visitor.


Web Design Graphics

  • Try not to make buttons too large.
  • Try to make buttons match with the look and feel of the web design.
  • Always include ALT tags for search engine optimization.
  • All graphic links should also be matched with a regular text link.
  • Graphics and backgrounds should always use browser safe colors as much as possible.
  • Try not to use too many animated graphics.
  • Try not to use too large of graphics for layout structure or buttons. This slows down the website load time.


General Design

  • If everything is done according to this article, page download time will be fast.
  • Try to shoot for a 800 x 600 pixel resolution for the website.
  • Balance the content of pictures, text, paragraphs, and links.
  • Make every page identical to the rest of the web design.