Google released another great webmasters tool and even better, they let us in on a little secret about Google Sitemaps Submission (XML Sitemaps) and how Google gives special attention to websites that submit sitemaps to Google. So now we know that Google will give a website priority, in regards to new pages or new content being indexed. They will actually crawl your website within 24 hours, in most cases, once the xml sitemap is submitted, or re-submitted to Google. This is great news, especially to sites that continuously upload new content, or brand new websites that are looking to get indexed as quickly as possible.

Here is the actual article taken from the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:

Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 10:31 AM

“Since we launched enhanced indexing with the Custom Search platform earlier this year, webmasters who submit Sitemaps to Webmaster Tools get special treatment: Custom Search recognizes the submitted Sitemaps and indexes URLs from these Sitemaps into a separate index for higher quality Custom Search results. We analyze your Custom Search Engines (CSEs), pick up the appropriate Sitemaps, and figure out which URLs are relevant for your engines for enhanced indexing. You get the dual benefit of better discovery for and more comprehensive coverage in your own CSEs.

Today, we’re taking another step towards improving your experience with Google webmaster services with the launch of On-Demand Indexing in Custom Search. With On-Demand Indexing, you can now tell us about the pages on your websites that are new, or that are important and have changed, and Custom Search will instantly schedule them for crawl, and index and serve them in your CSEs usually within 24 hours, often much faster.

How do you tell us about these URLs? You guessed it… provide a Sitemap to Webmaster Tools, like you always do, and tell Custom Search about it. Just go to the CSE control panel, click on the Indexing tab, select your On-Demand Sitemap, and hit the “Index Now” button. You can tell us which of these URLs are most important to you via the priority and lastmod attributes that you provide in your Sitemap. Each CSE has a number of pages allocated within the On-Demand Index, and with these attributes, you can us which are most important for indexing. If you need greater allocation in the On-Demand index, as well as more customization controls, Google Site Search provides a range of options.”

Google Search Screen Shot Image

Google Search Screen Shot Image


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