Shooter Supply USA is a leader in the online sales of reloading supplies, ammunition, gun parts, as well as other shooting supplies. We built Shooter Supply USA using Magento Commerce, which is a ultra-powerful E-Commerce software. With Shooter Supply USA, we developed many custom features and functionality which isn’t normally packaged in your standard Magento installation. Some of these features include automatic inventory management, 3rd party inventory integration, hazardous shipping calculations, custom product import features, and much more. With Shooter Supply USA, we managed both the design and development of the entire website. In fact, we still manage the website on a daily basis on a maintenance agreement. We also manage all of the internet marketing such as SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook, etc. With our help, Shooter Supply USA became a huge financial success in their own industry, and they’re revenue and sales growth is absolutely staggering – continuously breaking records month after month!