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Choosing Your Keywords for SEO

When dealing with search engine optimization for your website, keyword choice and analysis is the first step that should be taken before your content is applied to the website. Well, actually the domain name is the very first step, but we’ll talk about that later.

First off, what you want to do is make up some keywords based on what type of business your are running. For example; I run a website design and search engine optimization business, so some keywords I would want to use are “website design, search engine optimization, internet marketing,” and the list goes on…

Next, you can use a keyword suggestion and popularity tool to help you think of some keywords you will attempt to rank high on. Google finally tells you how many times a keyword was used on their search engine and it also shows you the amount of competition there is for that keyword as well as additional keyword suggestions. You can find the tool here: .

Go ahead and type in the keyword that best describes your business. Now what you want to do is choose a balanced keyword that has a good amount of searches, but also doesnt have a wild amount of competition. You should download and install the Google Toolbar and enable “pagerank” so you can see the rank of each page that you visit. Once you have a few keywords that you like, go to google search and check out your top 5 competitors that are ranked for that keyword. If the top competitors have a rank of 5 or more, I would try finding a new keyword because its not a good idea to compete with another website for a keyword that already has high ranking. Once you establish pagerank for your starter keyword, you can try and tackle the more popular keywords down the road.

For my base keyword (website design), I ended up choosing “orange county web design” and “orange county website design.” My top competitors mostly had a pagerank of 4 or less, so I decided to optimize my landing page, or mainpage on the website for these 2 keywords.

Once you have the keywords that you want to optimize for, you are going to want to write your content based around these words. You should list them a few times and always include them in your title. NEVER spam your keywords!. Not only will you not get ranked by search engines, your customers will not turn into buyers. They will just move on to the next website on the list.

I will be writing these tutorials as a set of tutorials. They will include topics on choosing a domain name, how to optimize your website content using the best SEO techniques, SEO – bad practices and good practices, and many more.

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